Love Christmas Lights? Consider Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

Posted by on Jul 20th, 2017

For many people, the excitement of the holiday season starts way before the end of the year. From early Christmas shopping to planning elaborate family meals and festive holiday parties, it takes time and preparation to get ready. By the time the season arrives, everyone wants to simply relax and enjoy all it has to offer.

All this prep comes with its fair share of stress, however. To add to this stress is the frustrating and dangerous job of hanging Christmas lights. Some people look forward to this part of the holiday prep, but for others, it’s a chore they’d rather not do. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to consider holiday lighting installation with Bright Lights.

Bright Lights helps you have a Stress-free Holiday

Bright Lights is a Kansas City-based holiday lighting company. We design, install and even remove and store your holiday lighting so all you have to do is enjoy the season. If you haven’t thought about professional holiday lighting installation before, there are several reasons you should now.

Burnt Out Bulbs

Is there anything as frustrating as dealing with burnt out bulbs while hanging Christmas lights? All it takes is one non-functioning bulb to ruin an entire display and make all the hard work of putting it up a waste of time. Rather than spend hours searching for the offending bulb, or worse yet, finding it after the lights are already hung, let Bright Lights make sure everything is in working order for you.

Not Enough Power

How many times have you plugged a series of lights in only to enjoy them for a split second before they go out? This happens a lot during the holiday season because we often forget our power outlets can only handle so much draw from them. When this happens, the fuses in the light strands must be replaced, which is more of a hassle than hanging the lights themselves. When you hire Bright Lights to do the job, we’ll make sure your display isn’t putting too much strain on the outlets we use so this type of frustration doesn’t happen.

Extension Cords and Extra Plugs

Most Christmas light displays call for additional outlets for plugging everything in. Many people run extension cords across their lawns to accommodate their lights, which can be an accident waiting to happen as excited visitors could trip over them. Bright Lights eliminates this danger by strategically placing all cords and extra plugs out of the way.

Fire Hazard

Even if you go out of your way to ensure all your lights work as they should, they can sometimes get too hot and spark a fire. It’s extremely important to check and re-check each strand to make sure there is no damage to any of the bulbs or wires to reduce this risk. Part of Bright Lights’ professional holiday lighting installation is conducting this type of safety check religiously.

Bright Lights professional Holiday Lighting Installation in KC

Whether you’re looking for a simple strand of lights across your roof, or a complete display spanning your property, Bright Lights can bring your visions to life.

We arrive on schedule to install your holiday lighting quickly and without interruption. We then return after the season ends to take down the lights. We store them at our facility so they are ready for use again next year. We also provide maintenance throughout the holiday season, so if you discover something not working properly, just give us a call.

If you want to relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday season as much as possible, it’s time to consider professional holiday lighting installation. It’s never too early to begin planning your holiday decorations, and Bright Lights can help you have the festive holiday you desire without the hassle of hanging the lights yourself.

Contact us today to start discussing a plan for your holiday lighting this season. Appointments fill up fast, so don’t hesitate to schedule an installation now.

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