Increase Sales during the Holidays with Professional Holiday Lighting

Posted by on Aug 31st, 2017

The Christmas holiday is a time for family, fun, and festivities. It’s also a time for business. Let’s face it. Many different types of businesses look forward to the holiday season, not because it’s a time of peace and good cheer, but because it’s a time of prosperity that starts with more sales.

Did you know that adding a festive display of holiday lighting to the front of your business could actually help you increase sales even more during the holidays? It’s a fact proven recently by restaurant giant Golden Corrral.

During a study conducted in 2012 at the direction of Senior Vice President of Franchising, Bob McDevitt, the chain hired professional holiday lighting installers to hang lights outside six of their restaurants. The results: an average of 5 percent increase in sales while the display remained in place.

Professional Holiday Lighting helps your Business

A great-looking holiday display does so much to make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated. When customers feel good about your business, they’re more likely to spend money there. Here’s how a Christmas display with professional holiday lighting and decorations helps your business.

1. Invites customers and keeps them longer. If your Christmas display looks great, people pause to look at it. They are more likely to come into your place of business and stay there longer because they feel welcome. More customers who stay longer means increased spending.

2. Stay competitive. Yours will probably not be the only business on the block with a holiday display. However, the Christmas season is a dog-eat-dog time, and having dazzling holiday lighting allows you to stay competitive throughout the season.

3. Smart marketing. When you have a great-looking holiday display, customers notice. In this day and age where social media rules and everyone has a smartphone, there’s no doubt your display will be the focus of more than one photo op.

4. Lets your customers know you’ve got holiday cheer. When you have the Christmas spirit, it’s almost impossible not to pass it on to everyone around you. A festive Christmas display puts your customers in the mood and reminds them the holiday season has arrived.

5. Boosts morale and increases productivity. Employees often feel stressed and overworked during the holidays. Adding some holiday lighting to their workplace helps them feel better and even boosts productivity, which ultimately increases your bottom line.

Tips for Boosting Sales with Professional Holiday Lighting

Bob McDevitt has some suggestions for other businesses looking to increase sales with professional holiday lighting installation.

1. Leave it to the experts. Anyone can hang Christmas lights, but only the professionals can design and install a display that looks spectacular. Your display has to look good to draw the kind of attention that increases sales.

2. Leave the display up all season. Don’t wait. Schedule the holiday lighting installation as early as possible so you’re first in line. Ideally, you want the display up and lit from around Thanksgiving to the end of the year. “You need to give it enough time to get a payback on it,” McDevitt says.

3. Multicolored lights seem to work better. In the Golden Corral study, the restaurants who had multicolored lights out-performed the ones who had white lights.

If you’d like to see an even bigger increase in sales during the holiday season, Bright Lights can install a professional holiday lighting display to dazzle your customers and impress your competition. Our appointments fill up fast, so don’t delay. Give us a call now to be first in line and increase your bottom line.

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